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YesLaw Online is a web-based transcript, exhibit, and document repository for attorneys and legal professionals.  Login is found on the right-hand side of the screen.  Your username is the e-mail address you gave to the court reporter.  If you have not been assigned a password or have forgotten your password, enter your e-mail address, click “Forgot Password,” and it will be e-mailed to you.

Once logged in, you can view transcripts and exhibits you have ordered using only your web browser.  In addition to the transcripts and exhibits ordered from the court reporter, you can even upload your own files for easy retrieval and/or collaboration with others.

The advanced text search tools allow users to search across a case full of transcripts, OCR- searchable exhibits, and other documents and provide Google-like search results sorted by relevancy.  A click on a search hit within a transcript allows immediate review of the testimony.  A click on a search hit within an exhibit or other document allows immediate review of the document.

Case material is presented in a familiar “case tree” structure with each case a separate entry
in the case tree at the highest level in the hierarchy.

Within each case or matter, material is then organized with like material. Transcripts with related material such as deposition exhibits are located within a folder named “Depositions/Transcripts.” Documents are stored in a folder named “Documents.”

Within the Depositions/Transcripts folder, each deposition transcript is listed by deponent and deposition date. To view a transcript deposition, double-click the transcript deposition and a transcript viewer window will open.

Exhibits are in a folder under each deponent. To view an exhibit document, click on the exhibit document within the Exhibits folder and a document viewer window will open.

E-Transcript files are listed just under the exhibit folder. In order to view E-Transcript files, they must first be downloaded to your computer. If you have not opened an E-Transcript file on your computer before, you must first download and install the E-Transcript Viewer.

Repository Login

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