What Our Clients Say

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What Our Reporter Clients Say About Their Experience With Court Reporters Exchange

“Starting my own court reporting firm caused me to have fear of the unknown.  Having the support
of the operators of Court Reporters Exchange made those thoughts disappear as soon as I started working with them.  Fear turned into fun, and the future looks very promising.”

“After deciding to start my own company, Court Reporters Exchange was there for me every step
of the way, helping me design my logo, set up my website and business phone number, provide
advice regarding marketing — not to mention answering my phones, scheduling my jobs, and
doing my production and billing.”

“Court Reporters Exchange has been a fountain of ideas regarding branding, marketing, and the
state-of-the-art technology in litigation software that attorneys desire.”

“They helped me design a logo for my company and get my website up and running in a matter
of days.”

“With the help of Court Reporters Exchange, I was able to start my own business. After spending
30 years working for others, I am now the boss and having so much fun. The joy of being an
owner is nearly indescribable.”

“Engaging Court Reporters Exchange to handle my production and my invoicing has freed me up
to do what I enjoy doing.  It also gives me time to market and build my business.”

“One of the many services Court Reporters Exchange provides is answering my phone and
scheduling my jobs. Upon arrival at my first job, my client commented, ‘Your office staff is very
professional and a joy to work with.'”

“Court Reporters Exchange has contacts nationwide for occasions when I need to help attorneys
find court reporting services in another city.”

“They have the Midwestern work ethic that inspires confidence.”

“I was hesitant at first to make the leap to sole proprietor, but my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Every detail has been well thought out and handled. I can’t imagine a smoother transition. The goodies I have to give my clients with my personal logo are so much fun to present, and very professional. I am truly enjoying the journey with Court Reporters Exchange! Thank you!”